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When an association seeks outside counsel, it is often faced with a choice: pick someone who is familiar with the particular industry, profession, cause or service area represented by the organization’s constituents, or select someone who is knowledgeable in Association Law.

At Goldberg & Associates, PLLC, we strongly believe that the preferable choice is the attorney with Association Law knowledge, since the problems which an association will face on a day-to-day basis are issues which lend themselves to the Association Law practitioner’s particular expertise and comprehensive understanding of the client's needs.

For example, we assist our clients in such things as:

- complying with federal and state registration, disclosure and reporting requirements

- establishing and maintaining federal and state tax exemption status

- establishing and maintaining membership criteria

- reviewing personnel manuals and employment policies

- drafting employment agreements with chief executive officers

- negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts with hotels, exhibition halls and vendors for meetings and trade shows or expositions

- establishing standards-setting and certification programs

- representing associations in administrative audits or inquiries

- protecting, by copyright and trademark, important data such as publications, computer software and visual material

- developing risk management programs to minimize liability of officers and directors

- structuring programs to minimize unrelated business income tax

- complying with state charitable solicitation laws

Our national, state and local association client base includes a broad spectrum of industries, professions, services and "causes," but the issues these organizations face are remarkably similar and consistent.


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