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"practical...and user friendly."

" is simply a must read."

That's how reviewers have described "The Meeting Planner's Legal Handbook," a 162-page desk reference which helps a meeting planner cope with the challenges of today's seller's market.

"The Meeting Planner's Legal Handbook" comprehensively discusses contract issues, providing the planner with a detailed checklist of items that should be included in all meeting agreements, as well as sample contract language for many of the items. The book provides insights into federal and state laws and court decisions which dictate provisions that must or should be included in a well-drafted meeting contract.

Used as a text for the "Convention and Exposition Law and Ethics" course at Northern Virginia Community College, "The Meeting Planner's Legal Handbook" also devotes chapters to:

- taxation issues;

- antitrust aspects of meetings;

- employment law, with special emphasis on the Americans with Disabilities Act;

- tort liability, including alcohol server issues; and

- intellectual property considerations, including music licensing and recording of speakers' presentations.

Author of the book is James M. Goldberg, a Washington, DC, lawyer who teaches the NVCC course and who has 30 years' experience in negotiating and reviewing agreements for meetings, conventions, trade shows and ancillary services.

Cost: "The Meeting Planner's Legal Handbook," a useful tool for association, corporate and independent planners at all levels of experience, is priced at $59.95, plus $6.00 shipping and handling.

To Order: Send check for $65.95 to Goldberg & Associates, PLLC, 1909 K Street, N.W., Suite 500, Washington, DC 20006-1117. Credit card orders cannot be accepted.

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