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At Goldberg & Associates, PLLC, we offer our Association Law clients a choice of payment options. Attorneys who practice corporate law traditionally work on an hourly fee basis, billing an agreed-upon rate for each hour (or fraction thereof) of work performed. This traditional billing approach is chosen by some of our clients, especially new groups not yet certain of their legal representation needs.

Because of the experience of our key personnel as association staff members, however, for many clients we suggest a negotiated, fixed-fee retainer approach, which covers all agreed-upon legal work (usually all work except litigation) for one annual fee, which can then be paid on a monthly or quarterly basis.

We believe this retainer approach works best for many organizations, since it provides budget certainty (legal fees will never exceed the agreed-upon amount, unless litigation occurs) and keeps the lines of communication open between our firm and our clients. We routinely keep our retainer clients informed of new developments impacting their organization; the client, in turn, can receive a prompt answer to any kind of question, no matter how apparently trivial, without our "meter" ticking in the background.

Our fees are reasonable and are flexible enough to meet the needs of any size organization. Reimbursement for expenses such as copying, telephone, postage and travel is, of course, in addition to the fee.


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